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Mass Confusion and the Education that Results from Within

May 7, 2006

Making the titles of these is almost as fun as doing the typing.

Sorry to anyone I led astray yesterday, promising updates on the blog here and then finding that my post wasn't actually posted, but saved as a draft. Whoops. I plead ignorance, and for anyone who knows'll know that's a very viable excuse.

Work was continued last night. Polishing chapter one and working on chapter two. Three is also started, and I'm thinking about starting four, but the chapter I have circulating in my mind should probably be shoved somewhere around six or seven, based solely on the timing of the story. I've mapped out where I think the story should break down according to chapters, timing, and what needs to be done. Now, it remains to be seen as to whether I'll stick to the map or not.

Word count as of last night: 10621

I don't know if I mentioned it earlier, but I took a good solid 45 minutes last night to bend excel to my will and do what I wanted (which I thought was simple enough...add all the values in one just goes to show how deficient I am in excel...and that is sad).

Keep tuned. Hoping to hit over 20,000 this week (remember, 80,000 is minimum length for a "novel" and I'm shooting for around 90,000 to 100,000 or about 850-950 manuscript pages, which would give me about 600 to 650 book pages...still long, but no original draft King of Thistles).