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I've Seen Way Too Much Ballet

May 10, 2006

It's different when it's your child, I know. But seeing the final song about five times in a row got a little old. Ugh. On the good hand, Madeleine kicks ass at dance. She's wonderful on the stage, very poised and graceful for a four-year-old. Especially when there's an audience she can play up to. On the bad was hot in there. More happy news is that Thomas actually behaved for the neighbors while they were watching him, which meant that I could keep an eye on Madeleine at the rehearsal and sit there and read the copy of the Watchmen that my friend from work lent me. All-in-all, a successful evening. If you overlook that hot thing and that whole haven't eaten any dinner thing.

Not much to report in the way of the book. I settled on the name of a major character. He's a knight, and he knows whats going on. We'll leave it at that. his name is Sir Michael Sunderman, and he's the son of a noble who, essentially, could get in the way of the regent taking the crown as his own. So the regent sends him off to die. That's how he meets up with Jane. He sees her during a battle and rushes in to save her. Ah, achetypes!

No updated word count. I'm too tired to do anything else tonight.