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Friday Morning Latin Lesson, Vol. LIV

December 25, 2009

Since no one's really going to be reading this today, I thought I'd forego my usual long, pedantic tale of how Christmas relates to Roman times (according to Pope Benedict XVI, the Bishop of Rome, there is no connection between Rome and Christmas).

Instead, I thought I'd shoot you with a few key phrases that you might need, should you find yourself dropping the subjunctive later in the afternoon:

Felix dies Nativitatis!

Pronounced: "Fay-leex dee-ace Nah-tee-wee-tah-teese!"

Felicitous translation in the hovertext!

And don't forget to thank the one who brought you all the goodies:

Pater diei Christi natalem

Pronounced: "Pah-tair dee-aye Krees-tee nah-tah-lame"

Delightful translation in the hovertext

Plus, there's this timeless classic:

"Tuum oculum transfigeres, parvule"

Pronounced: "Too-oom oh-cue-loom trans-fee-gare-ace, pahr-wyoo-lay"

You'll see the translation in the hovertext!

Felix dies Nativitatis, omnes! Have a safe and Merry Christmas!


Elliott said...

Felix dies Nativitatis, omnes! (Please don't correct my potential grammatical's Christmas!)

June said...

Merry Christmas to you!
Thanks for the short & sweet latin lesson this fine morning.

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

@ Elliot: The only potential grammatical error was that it should be italicized, but only because it's a foreign language. Silly English and its rules.

@ Carol: I figured short and sweet would do the trick this morning (that's what she said!)

adrienzgirl said...

Merry Christmas! :D That may have been your shortest post ever!

Ed Adams said...

Merry Christmas.

Frank said...

What's the Latin translation for "Oh fuuuuuuuuudge..."?

snowelf said...

Hope you had a happy holiday and no one shot their eye out. Cause that would suck. Especially at Christmas.


Eric said...

And a lucky Christmas to you too!

Elliott said...

What can I say, my html skills are weak.

Happy Boxing Day!