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August 17, 2008

I stayed up last night to watch half-man/half-otter Micheal Phelps and his team mates win the 4 x 100 relay, thus securing Phelps' unprecedented eighth gold medal. However, I'm at an interesting crossroads here, in that I don't want to get an email like the one Rider received earlier today, nor do I want my diploma from Notre Dame to be stricken null and void by praising someone from the University of Michigan. Thus, I'll let Tim Buckley do it for me.
Don't you guys love how I'm piggybacking off your posts and simply sticking a cartoon in there to make it amusing, thus allowing me to play more Civ III do housework punish the children continue doing fuck all with my life? Yeah, me too.


Alaina said...

You aren't supposed to tell everyone your secret! Now it's not a secret. Yeesh.

I do the same thing. Nothing.

Falwless said...


Lisa-tastrophies said...

AMEN! To Tim B. If I didn't feel like a fucking waste of space before for not accomplishing anything by (ALMOST) 40, Micheal Phelps has drove it home. Go USA! Me? I'm going to the bar for a beer.

minijonb said...

can i get a degree in "Fuck All" because i'm really, really good at it.