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August 14, 2008

I think I might try for this some time:

Worst Writing Award 2008 Awarded

The only thing is, I think I'd try to make it more serious, as if it actually were the opening line to a story, unlike the runner ups. Or maybe I'll just take the first line from Twilight and submit that. Hi-yo!


minijonb said...

This reminds me of contests that ask you to try to write in the style of Hemingway. Only Hemingway could write like Hemingway.

The Ex said...

You feel that way about Twilight too? I don't get it at all. All the mommybloggers are creaming their pants over it.

Falwless said...

pith and/or snark here.

Lisa-tastrophies said...

You have got to host this contest on your blog. Have the best/worst opening blog lines or something!!!!
Of course the prize could be:
a) an autographed pic of Wizard cat and his Posse
b) Leelee pictures
c) something from the lab that has yet to be scientifically classified
Just a thought on the prizes, I'm sure you could come up with better ones (except Wizard cat - I really do want his autograph)

Pfangirl said...

A friend of mine has been oohing and aahing over the Twilight books. I think I might read them just to shut her up.

However, I'll be approaching the task with a lot of prejudice.

My first real exposure to the series was via the crappy trailer for the film adaptation. And I have a lot of strong opinions of what vampires should be like, given the research I did for own always "in progress" vampire novel.

Let me just say, I hate teenage/teenage-looking vampires with a passion.

Dr Zibbs said...

No it's how infrequently you write. Since you're now writing again. I'll be back

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

@ minijonb: Yeah, I never understood those, either. I guess imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and all, but c'mon.

@ the X: I haven't read it, but the wife did read me passages from it. Wow. S to the H to the I to the double T to the why?

@ falwless: Thank you. Your pith has been greatly appreciated.

@ Lisa's chest: I'll ponder it. Wizard Cat is working on a big project right now. I'll see if he can be bothered to pause in it and the burying of his poop long enough to sign a few 8x10 glossies.

@ Pfangirl: I appreciate the idea of trying to turn the archetypes around a little bit, but, c'mon...hasn't the Vampire with a Soul falling for a Teenager been done already? I'm with you, too...there needs to be a certainly non-teenage look to the Vampires in order to make them "real" in my eyes.

@ Zibbs: I've been posting a lot better. I usually hit a lull in June and July. I blame it on baseball.

Alaina said...

Yeah, you could win. Wait, that wasn't a complement.

Okay, you'd lose. Nope, that's not good either.

Darn. I'm shutting up now.