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Dawn Broke

August 4, 2008

Sorry, all, tax-free weekend around here. I spent an hour and a half in line getting Cookie's uniform stuff taken care of Saturday afternoon. Oh, wait, did I mention the building had no air conditioning, was probably crowded well over fire code, and featured hundreds of screaming brats and a pair of middle-aged heartthrobs making out in the line in front of me? Pleasant, to say the least.

Anyway, the reason why I was there and why I didn't dispatch Boudicca to take care of this task was because she was recovering from the Breaking Dawn event at her bookstore. Here's an article telling you all about it. Sadly for you, they didn't post her picture along with the article. Apparently, too much cleavage or something. The keen thing here is that my wife's store was the only one in the area with a cool party, where the staff dressed up and people enjoyed themselves, rather than sitting around waiting for a book like the other stores. I brag only because my wife planned the thing. She even had people clamoring for her decorations and such. Sucks to be you, chump, as she's keeping them for the next event.

Anyway, despite the lack of pictures of my wife's breasts (and finely coifed hair, I'll admit), I posted the article because one of the people mentioned in the article shares her name with one of the main female charactes in my book...or the books in the Hundred Kings Saga. That's awesome. I'd offer a prize up to anyone who guessed it correctly, but I have nothing to give. Want a signed copy of a manuscript? Yeah, that'll fit right on your bookshelf, or prop your bedroom door open. Or, more appropriately, you can set it next to the toilet and use it as you see fit.

I promise better content later in the day. For now, however, I think I'm going to go do something crazy, like my job. Ta.


Rider said...

How are those books, anyway? My interest is piqued, but I don't want to hop on the bandwagon now.

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

I haven't read them. My wife read them in preparation for the party. There's absolutely no character development. Meyer actually brags that it only took her a few months to write them, beginning to end.

I'd pass...unless you're a prepubescent teenage girl.

Rider said...

How do you live with yourself as an author if you can't deliver on the basics? Character development is in Writing 101.

Anonymous said...

I'd ask where cool technology and bitching about how you know so much more than that twerp Clancy fits in to character development, but I have a feeling I know where (considering the author's conservative hard-on and inability to write characters resembling humans, good luck figuring out the phenomenon).

Apparently lots of money (or political power) is a good salve for willful incompetence.

McGone said...

At first I actually thought you were making an reference to Buffy's sister with that picture.

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

@ Rider I'm guessing the hordes of teenage girls willing to throw money her way helps soothe that particular gap in her conscience.

@ Anon Are you talking about me? Because my hard-on is anything but conservative. It lives without political bounds. All it sees is boobs, asses, and places to get comfy...over and over again.

@ McGone Buffy had a sister? I stopped watching when they jumped to the WB. I was really going for the whole "teenage girl falls in love with a dashing vampire who fights the good fight" angle as one we've seen before...and were very entertained by (at least I liked it).

Hap said...

No, it wasn't your hard on I was bitching about - I think I was bitching about Patrick Robinson (diesel sub writer?) and other military fiction writers for whom character development is a fantasy (and for whom characters that you can actually read about without vomiting are a vain hope). They spend way too much time complaining about their lack of public acceptance, how knowledgeable (and unaccepted) they are, and how liberals are the enemy of all good men. Unfortunately, they usually forget to make a character that has more life than T2000.

I think my point was that apparently actual competence in writing or character development is not a required skill to sell books, but I'm not certain. It must have been a liberal Uncle Al moment.