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Sunday Free For All

March 15, 2009

Not a lot of people read this on the weekends, so I thought I'd just throw up a grab bag of shit that I've accumulated recently, thinking "Hey, that would make a fun little post." But then I didn't get around to it because, remember people, my lack of ambition at overcoming entropy sometimes outweighs my desire to tickle your fancies. If you need help plotting the relationship between my love of your comments versus my inherent laziness, I suggest the Arrhenius equation.

Anyway, remember that book thing I'm trying to work on and publish and all that shit? Well, for one, I'm waiting a bit for the economy to not be so dour before plunging headlong into the submission pool once anon. Hopefully, with the president telling everyone NOT to believe the media hype (for once), things will slowly begin to tick up. Now, if we could get more institutions to not take bailout money, the stock markets would begin to slide back up and then some enterprising agent would be like "awesome, let's print this thing!"

So, as you remember, I'm working on a big fantasy story. Since I've basically crafted an entire world for my characters, I decided to work in the whole element of realism that follows along with history, political structures and religion. For the religion aspect, I based my deities on Norse and Germanic mythology, with a healthy dose of Celtic, for good measure. When I did that, I busted open my guide to the gods and read, cover to cover, the section on Norse mythology. Imagine, then, my sheer giddy glee when I stumbled across a web comic centered on the dysfunction surrounding the Norse gods. I've been delighting in this for weeks now; here's the link to Brat-Halla. It might help to read it and keep open the Encyclopedia Mythica, in case you're not familiar with who Hod, Heimdall, Syf, Tyr, Frigg and Baldur are (I assume you know who Thor, Odin and Loki are...oh, and the Valkyries).

Brat-Halla's cast of characters

Jidai posted this the other day, but I have to steal it and leave it here, in case you missed out on it. There are some excellent nuggets of geeky reference in this.
Saturday Morning Watchmen Cartoon:

If you're a football fan and you're not reading Kissing Suzy Kolber, you're doing yourself a disservice. For instance, here's their recent Watchmen parody as played out by NFL players. I'm not sure which I like more, Silk Steeler or BoobsAssTits.

More Watchmen shit. Here's the PvP parody of Watchmen, using classic comic strip characters. It might not be as funny as the first two links, but it's still quite clever. Pfangirl originally had the links up for me.

Okay, last Watchmen thing. No matter how brilliant this is, this comic is disturbingly funny. It makes a lot more sense if you've read the comic or at least seen the movie. Thanks to Theory of Everything for making this possible.

And in case you missed the twin celebrations yesterday...or thought I was making it all's the histories behind Pi Day (it's 3-14, in case you couldn't figure it out) and Steak and Blow Job Day (kind of NSFW link). Now, where's Nej to tell me that she learns something every time she reads my blog?


Nej said...

Every. Single. Time.

Cora said...

I totally thought you were making that up. Go figure.

Of course, now I must be nosy and ask you how your Steak and Blow Job Day went yesterday. Hmm? Do tell. ;-)

Sass said...

How come that fat chick is burying her head in the skinny man's crotch?

Is she looking for steak?

Who's B.J.?

I have a cousin B.J.

But I don't know if she eats steak.

I'm so cornfused.

Chemgeek said...

I used the Arrhenius equation and your pH is 9.3. You are a bitter man.

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

@ Nej: Would you be available to travel back to my elementary school and throw it in my fourth grade teacher's face that, yes, some people do bat 1.000? Thanks.

@ Cora: No, see, sometimes (read: all the freaking time) I'm not full of crap. And, as for the other...a gentleman never tells.

Good thing for you, I'm a snake. My Steak and Blow Job Day went as such: I ate lasagna and we watched Kiki's Delivery Service. Someone had to be up at 5:30 in the morning on Sunday for work, and someone doesn't like to outsource celebrations, we'll say.

@ Sass: That lady is handicapped and has fallen out of her wheelchair. The guy is helping her up off the ground. And the heart means that he loves helping the handicapped. You'd think I wouldn't have to spell these things out for you.

@ Chemgeek: Ah, but did you account for my acerbic wit?

Nej said...

:-) Only if you visit my 5th grade teacher and tell him that Micky Dolenz was indeed the drummer for the Monkees. :-)