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Defending His Crown

April 2, 2009

So, yesterday, I tried to pull a fast one on all of you. While yesterday was, in fact, Saint Hugh's Day, it was also April Foo's Day. Clever, I am, so I took last year's April Foo's post and replayed it this year...something I try never to do. I changed one little thing--the line about "banging a chick named Molly and then whining about it" from last year's post, but that was all. Everything was exactly as I typed it last year.

No one got it. No one saw through my clever ruse. Chances are, no one saw through it because not a lot of you were around here at this time last year. Hell, a lot of you were not around here three months ago!

Or maybe...just was the pictures of all the Hughs I strung together for your viewing pleasure. Perhaps you viewed that too hot and hard, eh? Yeah, I'm onto you. Go on. Look at shirtless Hugh Jackman some more. I'll wait right here.

But wait! What light in yonder window breaks? Someone did notice. Shortly after I walked into the lab yesterday, I was greeted with "So, what, are you recycling posts now?"

That's right; Joe, whom I so aptly named the Third Smartest Person I've Ever Met earlier in the week, saw through my clever ruse and called me on it. Bam! Nailed to the wall like a four dollar hooker at last call. This is why, whenever I need advice, I don't ask Jeeves, I ask Joe (he'll probably also know that I used that exact same line in the lab this morning; curse you, Mr. Joe! Your savvy and intelligence catches me once again!).

As far as Saint Hugh goes, what I wrote was as factual an account of his life as I could muster. Although, whenever I dip into the Hagiography to celebrate the various Saints that have colored the history of the church, I tend to slip a couple of things that might not be canonical...but they sure are hugh-morous.

Get it? Hugh-morous? Okay, whatever. Go back to staring at the picture of shirtless Hugh Jackman. See if I care.



Chemgeek said...

If I would have read it yesterday, I would have thought some of it to be familiar. Alas, I am burdened with writing exams and grading. I did not read it. I admit.

Now, back to electron transport and ATP synthesis....

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

I figured as much, since I went back and re-read last year's comments. You and I had a lengthy discussion of other Hughs that could have made the cut.

I seem to remember Hugh Jazz delighting me to no end.

I also figured that you were in that busy post-spring break pre-finals period where everyone's suddenly realizing "Ah, crap, I gotta know this stuff to get credit" and therefore too busy to read and comment.

You'll just be relegated to fourth smartest is all.

Del-V said...

One day the Pope will beatify Mr. T for all the pity he has given to the Fools. He’s like Mother Teresa, but for fools and not for starving kids in India.

Anna Russell said...

In my defense, you posted a picture of Hugh Jackman. I forgot everything both before and after that.

Sassy Britches said...

Why am I still stuck on the four dollar hooker image?

And why are you posting pants-less fowl?

Did I miss a pun due to my urgency to read your post before getting outside to enjoy the day?

coolred38 said...

Im watching Madagascar so I really have nothing useful to add...

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

@ Del-V: Honestly, whose touched more lives? Mother Theresa or Mr. T? And with this Tomtom thing T has going on...damn. I think T wins in a landslide.

@ Anna: Duly noted. And I updated the post to better make fun of you.

@ SassyBritches: You're stuck on that image because I am an artist, and words are my medium! Also, today you get pantsless Hugh to match the shirtless Hugh from yesterday. I'm a giver.

@ CoolRed38: You've got to move it, move it. I like to move it, move it.

Soda and Candy said...

*stares at Hugh Jackman*

What? You told me to do it!

Sass said...

No Jackman for me. No. Nope.


I met Mr. T.'s sister in law at the Illinois State Treasurer's inaugural reception.

She was hilarious, and admits he wears too much gold.

Nej said...

Oh man! I need sugar, or caffeine, or tequila. I totally didn't catch the Huey Duck reference. Argh! I'm slipping!

Grant Miller said...

You know me so well.

pistols at dawn said...

It's true. I was distracted by shirtless Hugh.

Scope said...

I got the joke, but... um... decided to play along so I didn't, as a wise woman (Sass) said today, "harsh your mellow."

And if he becomes St. T., would he have "piety" on the fools instead?

Frank said...

Oh damn, I got pwned.

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

@ Soda & Candy: Well done. You win an award: more staring at shirtless Hugh.

@ Sass: Bite they tongue, woman! No one shall insult The T's proclivity for gold chains in my presence!!!

@ Nej: I see. So the recognition of Huey Duck is directly proportional to the amount of coffee one has had. Keep this up, and I can get some grant money (are you reading this, Chemgeek?)!

@ Grant Miller: I know what my readers want: boobs and shirtless guys named Hugh.

@ Pistols: I figured as much. I mean, while he's no Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy, he's still pretty dreamy.

@ Scope: I love you.