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April 9, 2009

One of the unfortunate drawbacks to having picked up so many new readers and followers over the course of the past year is that many of you were unable to bask in the glorious triumph that I celebrated at this time last year. And let me just say, that t-shirt is one of my absolute favorites. I mean, it does taste gloriously of victory and free, which are two of my favorite things in the world (right after boobs and bacon logs), so maybe the t-shirt has an unfair advantage.

Fortunately for me, my knowledge of college basketball is almost as vast as my desire to get free shit. Again this year, the concierge service ran the same contest. Again this year, I won. I am, in fact, just that fucking awesome.

I hope like hell that I won for knowing that the most points you can score on a single play is 3. That's so much better than knowing that you only get five fouls.

Last year, I chose an Indiana shirt (they are my favorite NCAA basketball team, after all). This year, I went for the alma mater, proving that someone from Notre Dame can fucking win something (hear that, football, basketball and hockey teams? I'm rubbing it in your face! Try stop being a bunch of cockfaces and put forth an effort already! And maybe suck a little less while you're at it!).

The other thing that I've proved is that, unlike Notre Dame, winning a free t-shirt is never overrated.

I swear, all I did was type the word "winner" into a Google image search!


red said...

Well done, sir.

You can tell the differences between the athletic programs at our respective alma maters. You call your teams/players "cockfaces" for not winning and I'm just excited my school performed well in a second rate basketball tournament no one cares about and may produce the top baseball draft pick next year. It's the little victories.

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

The cockfaces is for the men's basketball, hockey and football teams.

I have nothing but love for the women's team. They might have underperformed a little this season, but they have won a national title in recent memory. And they usually at least show up against UConn, unlike the Men's team.

Sass said...

Here's what I got from this:


Bacon Logs.

Fucking Awesome.



Was there more to the story?

Ψ*Ψ said...

Please don't mention Notre Dame basketball--it's still a sore spot since y'all beat us in the NIT this year. :,(

Hap said...

Well, we did about as well as expected. At least it took two overtimes for us to lose. MI State did well, but it's sort of pathetic that an entire state's hopes were on their shoulders, and might explain in part the problems of MI. (I don't think MA's hopes rest on the UMass or Harvard basketball teams, for example, which is very good for it.)

I had occasional bouts of picking teams when I was still at home, but my dad was best served by picking whoever I did not.

Wouldn't you be best served forgetting that your team was in the NIT? It's not a booby prize, but it's not exactly a mark of achievement.

Chemgeek said...

Holy crap!!!! I still can't get over the fact you won a T-shirt last year. And now... Again!! Yeeeeeeeee-haw! That's some fine shirt winnin'

Ψ*Ψ said...

Hap: I'm trying very hard to forget Gillispie was ever in Lexington. Hopefully Calipari will restore our program to its rightful place (read: a Final Four appearance at least 4 out of 5 years?)...
Sadly, I'll be out in CA, and won't be able to watch most of the games. :,(

Hap said...

The time zone difference was hard to deal with - I spent two days there for an interview and couldn't get over coming back from dinner and hearing the Dodgers finishing their game against the Phillies. (Like I was getting the job, anyway.) Plus, I don't think the Pac-10 is quite the same as KY and the Big East and ACC for b-ball - there are some good teams (UCLA) but not as many. Football season shouldn't suck, though. Have fun (well, as much as is possible in grad school).

Nej said...

Notre Dame beat the crap out my hockey team. You just HAD to mention Notre Dame and hockey didn't you? And on Easter none the less. How heartless?!?!?! :-) :-)

(just kidding)


Happy Easter!