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And Now for Something Completely Different

July 16, 2009

Normally, on Thursdays (or, normal for the past couple of months), I tell you about some bodily function of mine that makes for somewhat amusing reading. Today, however, I'm going in a slightly different direction.

Yesterday, my youngest started school. While he was in "school" last year, that was pre-school, so he was really just along for the ride and was there so that he could figure out how to act around other people. Turns out, he fits in with the monkey troupe just fine.

Anyway, yesterday he went to kindergarten. He's at a year-round school, and his staggered entry was yesterday and today. So, we all got up, got dressed, got ready and walked him to the bus stop. After what seemed like forever, the bus finally showed up. I walked him around the front and led him to the steps. He got on, sat down, and waved and then drove away.

Me? I'm cool. My wife was all sorts of nervous for him. But, it turns out, he was just fine. He didn't get in trouble. He didn't get upset. He didn't get lost. In fact, he found his room all by himself without anyone helping him. Though he did admit that the kraken kind of frightened him when the boats were taking his class across the lake.

Apparently, he got back on his bus without incident and was delivered home safely. He bounded off the bus and then pranced home. We were worried about this second part, since we didn't know what bus he needed to be on. However, the night before we sent him off to school, we got a phone call from one Dr. Jordan, who assured us that our "baby would get home just fine." Apparently, Dr. Jordan sounded a lot like Bubby from Flapjack.

My son had a good day, played hard and made two new friends, Zachary and Enya. He says that Zachary is cool, but the girl has a tendency to sing songs about rivers in South America.

This made me hearken back to the days of yore, when I first went to kindergarten. I was in the last kindergarten class at Union Elementary School (home of the Aces). I had to walk up the street to get to my bus stop, in front of Amy and Jamie Randol's house. I got on the bus, went to school, and I remember sitting at the head of my table. Little did they know they were feeding my megalomania from a young age.

I sat at the same table as two of my cousins, and the aforementioned Jamie Randol. I remember it distinctly because someone from the local paper came in and took my picture. I was sitting there, flashing a dinosaur picture I had just colored to my cousin Jennifer, who could have cared less. She was bent over coloring her own picture, probably of Raggedy-Ann. My cousin Jennifer fuckin' loved her some Raggedy-Ann. I still have a couple of pictures of me in kindergarten. Maybe I'll scan them in and share them on a day when I feel like being made fun of. Well, moreso than normal.

Contrast my first day of kindergarten (and my sons, if you must) with my younger brother's (sis never went to school). He got on the bus, went to school, and came home. My mom asked him how it went and he responded, "Fine, but I'm not going back." Ah, yes, certain trends in life are set on the first days of school. I had my arrogance sated and my brother...well...some things are better left unsaid.

I even remember my kindergarten teacher: Miss Brown. She lived up the street from me. Apparently, when they closed Union Elementary (home of the Aces), she went to teach somewhere other than where I went to school for the remainder of my elementary and middle high school days. In fact, I had no idea where she was, other than she wasn't anywhere near where I was.

Fast forward a few years to when I was a member of the Liberal Media. I was writing a column about the goings on in my home town for the county paper. While I would often report just the facts, ma'am, I would also poke a little fun at how little went on in the town on a weekly basis.

And then, one night, I got a phone call (my number was listed in the column as the way to get ahold of me and pass along gossip information news). It was my kindergarten teacher, Miss Brown!!! I was excited...for about five seconds. She told me what a good job I was doing and how she enjoyed reading my articles...and then she ripped into me for making fun of small town America. Apparently, she was living in Chicago (or the west side of Chicago) and missed her life in Small Town, USA. And now she was yelling at me about it.

I assured her that I would lighten up on the bumblefucks who lived in town. Then the next week, we had perhaps the most inept bank robbery in the history of mankind go awry and the drama played out on the streets of my hometown. That's a story for a different day, but my reporting on this again painted the town in a rubish light. While I never got another phone call, I could feel the seething anger coming from the northwest. Let it go, Miss Brown. Anger and hatred lead to the Dark Side.

There you have it. I'm now the father of two school-aged children, which might or might not be an indication of middle age. And since everything I know about middle age I learned from watching American Beauty...where's the high school chick with the enormous forehead? I gots me some lust to slap around.


The Peach Tart said...

Gosh I remember my first school days and how innocent they were. I remember my daughters' first school days and what a nervous wreck I was until her second day of school I got called from the principal that she and some other girl had been missing for hours and were found in the bathroom just hanging out and eating their lunch on the bathroom floor.

Mala said...

School year round?! WTF, where do you live? I'm movin'!

And Peach Tart's daughter RAWKS!

Bev said...

I'm glad your little one enjoyed his first day of school! I certainly enjoyed reading about it; you are most skillful with your insertion of pop culture gems. :) I likey!

Love Otto (who loves to get blotto, I hear) and American Beauty! Enya... notsomuch.

Eric said...

Why were my teachers never as attractive as Miss Brown??? Redo!

Sass said...

My mom used to have to literally push me onto the bus, and then the bus driver had to time it just right so that she could slam the door behind me before I attempted to escape.

I then cried the whole way to school.

What can I say? College was rough. ;)

otherworldlyone said...

Mine starts kindergarten next year. I didn't get misty eyed when I dropped her off at daycare the first time, when she was 2 months old, but kindergarten will probably be a little different. I'll probably cry like a bitch for at least 2.5 minutes before I realize, "Hey, you don't have to give that fucking daycare your whole paycheck anymore! WOOOO!"

I love American Beauty. Hate that chick.

JennyMac said...

I didnt know they had primary year round share. :) Glad you were Mr. husband will be too whilst I well up.

Soda and Candy said...

Awwwwww. The first day of school.

I don't really remember mine!

Jidai said...

I hope the day that my girls go off to school I get a call in the middle of the day telling me to pick them up, cause they are teaching the other children bad words.

Jules said...

See? We teachers TRY to make sure they make it home in one piece.....

Glad the first day went well!!

Fancy Schmancy said...

Can't wait to hear about the robbery story! Glad you son had a great first day!

Nej said...

The kraken. (giggle)

Ah, being in elementary school...brings back memories. There were 11 of in my class. 2 of us were girls. When I moved away in 2nd grade, Beth was less than pleased.

Dad said that Beth would thank me one was a while before I understood what he meant. :-)

mo.stoneskin said...

"tendency to sing songs about rivers in South America."

And what is wrong with that?


Cora said...

Kindergarten. Grrrrr. I hated Kindergarten.

I still had my lurvly British accent back then and the other kids couldn't understand what the f*ck I was saying. Runty uncultured simpletons. I learned pretty quick to just say as little as possible. Thus I hardly ever spoke for fear of getting WTF stares pelted at me.

Then there was the Memory game which I used to kick ass at, but everytime I won, Jeff, the class asshole, would pin me to the floor and tickle me until I couldn't breathe. And the teacher allowed it. So, not only did I never speak to anyone, I used to lose the Memory game on purpose as well.


Like I said, I hated Kindergarten.

Samsmama said...

Wow. Cora's got some rage.

Year round schooling is genius. My cousin had it growing up and loved it.

Flapjack. Dammit. Now everything sounds like that in my head.

Cora said...

@ Samamama: Too much? ;-) Nah, it's not rage. It was the lack of ice cream talkin'. That glitch has since been fixed. I'm feeling much better now.

Shall I try my comment again?

Kindergarten was not my favorite year in school. And ice cream fixes everything. Really.

Frank said...

The school where I went to kindergarten is a parking lot now :(

Gwen said...

Also, Sass cracked me the hell up. College. *snort*

Gwen said...

I can't remember for sure but I think I had the janitor's wife for kindergarten. I don't remember anything about her but her husband was my favorite person in grade school. He was very grandfatherly and called me Peaches. I think he knew how miserable I was and was nice to me. I had totally forgotten about him. Thanks.

I'm glad your brave little guy had a good day and made two friends. He sounds delightful.

Lisa-tastrophies said...


Kindergarden was a blast ~ from what I can remember. I ate the glue, play dough and anything else not nailed down, so I spent most of it in the nurse's office.

Oh yeah, and that is exactly what teachers are wearing these days.