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October 18, 2009

Finally! All of this crap hard work that I put into this blog has paid off, especially on the Sunday slot. Okay, sure, there's the 131+ gorgeous followers and then of course Some Guy telling me about how I helped him with Jeopardy once. Oh, and Soda & Candy giving me a golf clap whenever I use the word "paucity".

But I have something to polish up and put in the trophy case.

Have you guys met Travis? He likes to fish. He's also a big fella who doesn't like sleeping in the back of Mitsubishi Outlanders, and he wonders if there will be bacon in heaven...a curious query, to be sure, since God was pretty cut-and-dry on that whole "don't eat the flesh of pigs" thing, and Jesus was the King of the Jews. But then, there's a company called Blue and Gold that makes delicious peppered bacon, and Blue and Gold just happen to be Notre Dame's colors and God loves Notre Dame, or so I was led to believe while I was there. Therefore, with Blue and Gold getting God's blessing, there probably is bacon in Heaven.

Can you see why I like reading this guy?

Anyway, Travis skated in here one day on a TMI Thursday (I think the one where I was kissing Margaret and puking at the same time). I went to see what he was all about, found discussions of bacon and a color-coordinated dissection of his...ampleness...and was like "I'm following this guy."

I'm even able, as I am with so many others, to overlook the Twilight references to see the truth and beauty behind the writer and the exquisiteness of his blog. But, seriously, people, stop with the Twilight obsession, okay? I mean, Christ, you don't find me obsessing over poorly-written stories, do you?



Anyway, Travis saw fit to saddle enrich my life with an award, and this one is one I can actually be less ashamed proud of: The I Use Big Words... Award.

I was relating the whole saga of not wanting to turn on the heat in my poorly-insulated house the other day in his comments section and trotted out the word "parsimonious" (you know, just like I did yesterday when I recycled the not-wanting-to-turn-the-heat-on story?). So, I figure that's a good one for my Sunday bout of wordly edification:

parsimonious: adjective frugal to the point of stinginess, restrained, sparing. Exhibiting parsimony.

It comes from Latin parsimonia from pars-, part of the perfect tense of the verb parcere meaning "to spare, to save" and -monia, which is a suffix denoting an action or condition. Like pneumonia (a condition of the lungs).

I've described a couple of characters in the big story as being overly parsimonious, which allowed for them to, in times of war, hire more knights for their personal protection. So, it's already been used, but I'm too lazy to look up where I've written it in.

So, there you have it. A brand new award and a how the word parsimonious secured it for me. Plus, you have a new blog you may or may not want to read, depending on your opinion of bacon and Heaven.

Also...I wore a green shirt yesterday. It was the only long-sleeved t-shirt I could find. That's why Notre Dame lost. It has nothing to do with the fact that our defense still can't figure out how to tackle. It was my fucking green shirt.



Chemgeek said...

I have such a short attention span, it took me two readings to finish 'parsimonious.' You got a word for that?

JenJen said...

Thanks for the sucker punch in the gut.
And you and your green shirt!

I'm totally leaving you for "ample" guy.

jenjen out.

Dr Zibbs said...

Sorry. Can't concentrate on the words of the post. Too busy looking at the side boob shot.

Jimmy Bastard said...

You had me at parsimonious, not to mention of course a fine pair of breasts.

Scope said...

There was a football game on yesterday?

I think the stroke I suffered late yesterday afternoon might have erased it from my memory. Though I did dream of 7'8" giant from the city of Troy tossing about leprechauns like rag dolls as he ran about the field of battle unscathed.

But I'm sure nothing like that happened.

Sass said...

Thought of you this weekend when I was camping and the warmest, most wonderful sweatshirt I could find my was Notre Dame sweatshirt.


Ed Adams said...

Travis is awesome!

He may not know the big words, but he knows those who know them. And you, sir, are one.

I was tempted to follow on his recommendation alone, but the Notre Dame connection sealed the deal.

Go Irish!

Lisa-tastrophies said...

I remember that word from my GRE studies. Funny, that is the first time I have ever seen it any where else.
Sorry about the ND thing.

corvedacosta said...

thanks for teaching me a new word.

otherworldlyone said...

That's a great award, but I think I like the fishing picture better.

Travis said...

Can we tell them that I banged the chick in that fishing picture? That would totally get me more love.

Also, I'm pretty sure JenJen up there wants me.

Just sayin.

Also, you're welcome! You earned that shiz!

Raine said...

Congrats! Thats an awesome word - and perfect for you!