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If I Do It Three Times, Does That Make It a Pattern?

October 3, 2009

So, I will be the first to admit that I haven't been around much lately. Mondays have been a bit hit-or-miss lately, and I haven't really gotten posts put together on other days until lunch time or so. Weekends? Yeah, I keep dropping the ball there, too.

And visiting your blogs? I'm falling behind. Way behind. If you're a new reader, I'm sorry, I just haven't gotten around to checking you out and returning the favor. I suck like that. Also, truth be told, if you posted this week, chances are I didn't read it. Sorry. Do you want me to make it up to you? Fine. Hand jobs for all! Take a number and bring a sponge!

Okay, but, seriously, when it comes to this writing thing, I've got a problem. I'm not afraid to admit it...but how about I just whisper it in your ear? Come closer. It's okay, I won't lick. Much. Ready?

I'm writing again.

Yes, and by "writing" and "again", I mean not blog writing. Except, you know, I am actually doing that now. But for the past couple of weeks? Yeah, notsomuch.

Kind of ironic, innit, that I'm not writing because I'm writing?

Well, the reason why I wasn't blog writing as faithfully as before is because I was researching. Egad. It's true. I've actually done research. Lots of it. I've been reading myths and legends and looking at pictures of women in "Greek goddess" costumes images of ancient Greek costumes. Apparently, according to some websites, ancient Greek women dressed sluttily...when they decided to get dressed at all. *stretches out fingers and muscles in right hand*

Anyway, this is all relevant to writing project. I'm not completely comfortable telling you about it yet...which is rather strange, considering I have no qualms telling you about the first time I jerked off and all that fun stuff. Huh. Maybe I should try riding that Wellbutrin train more often...

We can compare and contrast my autoerotic exercises as they relate to my writing projects later. I'm here to tell you about it. I'm about 1100 words in already. The first chapter is nearly done. I'm shooting for somewhere between 90,000 and 110,000 words, so there we go. I just need to do this past week 100 more times! That's only two years, right?

While I'm not comfortable telling you specifics about the project, I'll tell you that it's a historical fantasy, so again, there won't be dragons and hobbits and elves and shit like that. But, there are monsters and heroes and gods and fighting, so it is a fantasy story at it's core. There is a significant historical sense to the story, as well.

I'm also doing that re-read thing for the magnum opus. So, I'm bouncing back and forth between two projects right now. However, I do plan on keeping the blog writing coming. I refuse to be one of those jackasses who says "Well, I'm writing now, which means I don't really have any time for blogging, because I'm self-important like that!" No, I'll be sticking around and I'm going to give it the old college try to post every day. Every. Fucking. Day. Yeah, I just heard a bunch of you puke. Sponge it up and light a candle, okay? We don't want to smell the partially-digested remains of your last meal mixed with a healthy slab of pepsin, alright?

Anyway...the crux of my "problem", as it were. I had to write a rape scene this week. It's integral to the story. I tried to do it as non-erotically as possible, and I think I did alright. However, in the first chapter of my magnum opus, I introduce a character that has been recently raped. In my completed novel, I wrote an attempted rape.

Um...does anyone sense a problem here, or am I just a little oversensitive to my characters?

But, here's the thing: it's not like I'm glorifying it. I'm using it as a means to an end, usually by casting the rapist in a bad light. A lot of times, I try to pick the action up in the first chapter. I do some introduction, set a few characters on the board and then--BAM!--there's a battle or there's immediate conflict or there is a huge plot-driving mechanism put into place. And, let's face it: guys are dicks. In order to put a certain amount of realism into my characters, I have to make them do things that are rather unsavory, but are true to the time frame AND the characters themselves. Therefore, if there's a battle, and women get captured or in the way or anything...well, there's going to be unpleasantness--especially for the female characters.

And the scene I had to write this week for the new project, like I said, is critical to the story. Without it, well, the story doesn't really go.

Do you like what I did there? I admitted to the problem, and then tried to explain away the problem by justifying it. Still, I think the next time I start a book, I'm going to work really hard NOT to let any of my characters get raped.

I'll try to keep these little updates to the weekends only, when readership slows, that way I don't get bogged down in word counts and shit like that for my other posts. Also, once I figure out how to work the nice little Word Count Wildfire Whiz-Bangs I downloaded, I'll have a nice graphical way to display how far along on the books I've gotten.

And with that, it's time to get back to the mean...typing!


Chemgeek said...

Good to hear you are writing again. I must admit, I kind of missed the progress reports.

When you reach your fame and fortune I can say I was there when it all started.

Jill Pilgrim said...

I'm writing a novel now too! Its about Jesus. He gets raped. Its a plot driver. Twinsies!

On an unrelated note, I am Greek and totally dress slutty. Your research is totally still relevant.

Sass said...

Oooh....I tried to be one of those jackasses that said I wouldn't blog because I wanted to write.

And yet...I blog.


Can I be forgiven?


Frank said...

Just write the rape scenes as flashbacks, because everyone knows that Tragedy + Time = lulz

Soda and Candy said...

I'm impressed by anyone that can write that much - even my short stories are uber-short, I would never have the attention span for a novel.

In other news I think I might need that Greek goddess costume.

Scope said...

Or, you can do variations on the theme:

Amazon women raping male catives, warrior on warrior post battle humiliation, Voltron on Robeast, etc.

Bev said...

Good for you! You'll know when I get back to my "real" writing when I stop blogging 5x/week. Yeah, that isn't going well, but I am optimistic, as always.

Bad things happen in life, and good writing reflects life. You have to write about things like rape to tell your story; it doesn't mean you enjoy thinking about rape. It means you have a story to tell, and there's nothin' wrong with that.

Keep it up!! I can't wait to read it.

JenJen said...

Historical Fiction is my favorite. So I am looking forward to reding a Historical Fantasy. I'll wait so that yours can be my first.

JenJen said...

So the word I was actually trying to type there was READING.
I don't know what reding means.

Mr. Condescending said...

don't worry if you can't find the time to blog as much, just keep posting pictures of girls heh.

Cool as Folk said...

I read the entire post and I have no idea what I read because all I could think about was the "how about I just whisper it in your ear? Come closer. It's okay, I won't lick. Much." part.

Thanks a bunch. Now I shall reread it.

BeckEye said...

Excuse me, but DRAGONS ARE REAL. Don't ever suggest otherwise again.

~E said...

I think it takes 5 times before it can be considered "pattern". If that's true then you can have two more people raped before it becomes a sick problem. YAY! :)

Lisa-tastrophies said...

Hey, don't cut yourself short for not blogging because you are writing. Hell, I'm lucky if I write and post once a week. I usually write several post, but nothing comes of them because my inspiration dies... sort of a writer version of impotency, I guess.
And I know you will handle the "situation" well. You know how to convey the right tone and context, so don't worry.... Just don't forget to post on Blowing Sh*t Up Thursdays!!!

Nej said...

I'm doing good to post everyday, and I'm NOT writing a novel.

Falling behind on blog reading and commenting is natural, and 100% long as it isn't mine. (hehe)

"...usually by casting the rapist in a bad light." - you ever cast your rapists in a good light? If so, that's when I think you need to start worrying. :-)

Sassy Britches said...

I feel creepy congratulating you about this, but I am congratulating you just the same.

And my word ver is "liess." Huh. I can't imagine why it didn't believe me!